3 Secrets of High Quality Essential Oils Nobody Tells You

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By now, I am sure many of you have heard of essential oils and the many benefits they may offer. You are curious but not sure where to start and learn more so here are some tips the next time you go searching for your favorite essential oil:

1. Purity

Okay, the most basic is that your essential oils must be pure, meaning that it should be one hundred percent the essential oil that it is labelled to be so the ingredients list should not be more than one ingredient. Since there is no regulatory board or specific standard in the essential oil industry regarding this, any brand can label their oils as “100% Pure” even when it is not and that can honestly be quite scary right? For this case, you should check to see if the essential oil brand is willing to provide the exact test results by a third party for that exact batch of essential oil extracted to prove its purity. One single mark of “purity” on the bottle just won’t cut it, at least not for me.

2. Quality

Did you know that you can have pure but poor quality essential oils? The thing with essential oils is that their quality is dependent on the plant it is extracted from and the plant quality is dependent on where it is grown as plants are very much affected by the soil, water, temperature, and humidity of its environment. Thus, you need to make sure your essential oils are extracted from plants grown in their indigenous environment. Farmed plants will never compare to plants grown in their native environment.

3. Contaminants and Pesticides

If you plan on using essential oils for yourself or your family then this should go to the top of your list! Too many of the products we use today are laced with so many contaminants and pesticides that undoubtedly harm our body so you want to make sure that the essential oil you use is one hundred percent free of any contaminants or pesticides! Now, you may have done research and have found various articles about essential oils, ways of use, or safety only to find numerous statements and claims that contradict each other and this may be extremely confusing and frustrating at the same time so let me help you with that:

  • Don’t do what you’re not comfortable with: Everyone’s body and journey with essential oils are different and we like to treat each person as an individual. What comes into play in these decisions would be your age, preference, habits, and needs. As you go along, you will notice your experience with essential oils will grow with you as you explore various oils at different periods of your life.
  • Essential oils don’t cure you of all your issues: We love essential oils and experienced so many benefits when used properly. They are great in supporting your body’s natural function to allow your body to heal itself however we don’t believe that they completely replace the need for doctors and medication especially when it is greatly needed. If you have a pre-existing medical condition then it is important that you do your research on specific oils and check with your medical practitioner.
  • Essential oils may be used aromatically, topically, internally: Yes, you read it right. Pure essential oils of the right species, specific doses, and the correct methods can be used aromatically, topically, and internally depending on the condition of the individual. Simply saying that all essential oils are not safe to diffuse for young children, should never be applied topically, or are not safe under any circumstance internally is simply misguided. It is like comparing apples and oranges, yes they are both fruits but by no means are they the same as they have very different natural chemical compounds and nutritional values in them. The reason for all these fear based negative claims is that many people are not aware of which oils are safe under which condition or are not clear on the ways they can use essential oils safely and effectively so it is very important for you to find someone you can ask and check with if you are not sure.

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You’re probably wondering which essential oils I use so I will share with you which brand I prefer and why. Personally, I choose Doterra essential oils. The reason for that is because they have quality, integrity, and are compassionate.

  • Doterra has a high standard for essential oils, they offer CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) quality oils meaning that each batch of oil harvested are tested by a third party for their purity and to have the right natural chemical levels providing therapeutic benefits. As I have mentioned earlier, there is no regulating body overseeing the quality of essential oils so Doterra had to trademark CPTG to keep other brands from slapping this same mark onto their bottles even when their oils are not of quality. Let’s face it, if every single essential oil brand had the CPTG mark but had different quality and purity, offering different results then the CPTG mark would mean nothing right?
  • Doterra has a site (https://sourcetoyou.com/) where you can key in the codes at the bottom of each bottle and it will show you the test results of that specific batch of essential oil. For Doterra’s never ending efforts to provide the best, medical practitioners, hospitals, and universities choose Doterra’s essential oils.
  • They have integrity. If the essential oil harvested is not of quality then they will choose not to offer it and for this reason, Roman Chamomile was made unavailable for the past two years and has only recently become available again.
  • They have compassion. Doterra does not own farms and they make it a point to source essential oils from plants where they are naturally grown. These growers come from developing countries with disadvantaged farmers so Doterra provide fair pricing, pay them year-round even during non-harvest seasons, and make it a point to improve their operations to create more jobs intheir community. This effort is called “Co-Impact Sourcing”.

If you want to try essential oils, learn more, have more of your questions answered then we invite you to join two upcoming workshops:

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If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with Instagram.com/doterratherapy. You may or may not agree with my decision and choices in this article and I respect that. We wish you the best essential oil journey that fits your life and who knows, maybe our paths will meet.




Vicky Chang is an essential oil lover and speaker, believer of better quality of life through natural wellness starting with the understanding oneself