5 Reasons Why the Code10 Backpack is a Better Travel Bag

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  • flow
  • Nov 28, 2018


Packing for a surf trip got more exciting when I got the chance to bring the Code10 Backpack. Marketed online as a “waterproof, theft-proof, and tech-ready” backpack, the Code10 was a true to life tough guy. Here are some of the features that make it the ultimate carry-on for surf trips, camping trips, and virtually any escape to the great outdoors.


It is 100% waterproof.

Some of the best surf spots are accessible only by boat so the Code10 does a great job of keeping all your valuables protected as you cross the ocean. Made of PVC-free, TPU-coated material that’s welded at the seams, the Code10 is a dry bag that got a much needed and appreciated upgrade. Some even say that the bag was “built for a hurricane.”


It has a pull-out tech sleeve for your gadgets.

I needed to bring my laptop with me so I took great pleasure in the Code10’s removable gadget sleeve. Its compartments can fit your 15” laptop, phone, external hard drive, chargers, and unruly cables for a more organized experience. No more rummaging inside the vortex of your bag for the things you need to take out. If you need to get work done, or if you’re ready to transfer your photos, just slide the tech sleeve out of the bag. When done, slide it back in. It’s a small design change that saves you a lot of time.


It has a built-in anti-theft system.

The roll-down design of the main compartment hides the main zip from view and each bag comes with its own combination lock that you can use to secure your bag to any fixed object. During the trip, we had to leave our main campsite a couple of times and I took comfort in knowing that my bag wasn’t going anywhere.


It has secret compartments for quick access.

Getting things from inside the main roll-down compartment isn’t exactly convenient, which is why it’s pretty slick that the Code10 comes with secret pockets and compartments for the things you need within reach. Need to show your passport at the airport? There’s a pocket for that. Keys, wallet, coins, and surf wax can go in the side or front pocket. Tucked into one of the straps is a card pocket for your ID or your ATM. A small to medium water tumbler can also fit in the side pocket.


It was built with comfort in mind.

Lugging around a heavy backpack can take its toll on the back and shoulders so I really appreciated the Code10’s stashable straps and thickly padded bottom to support the back muscles. The adjustable chest strap also weighed in and took some pressure off my shoulders. If there’s a bag I’d need to carry with me throughout long treks or just long lines at the airport, the Code10 will definitely be it.




  • Waterproof design
  • Anti-theft system
  • Convenient tech sleeve
  • Quick access pockets
  • Padded back support



  • Main compartment can be hard to get to so use the side pockets for things you use often
  • Water tumbler pocket can only fit small-medium tumblers


Overall, this is a bag I’ll be happy to bring again on the next surf or camping trip!