8 Everyday Detox Tips to Kickstart The New Year

It’s the beginning of a fresh year and like the rest of the world’s population, we are planning our resolutions lists to break bad habits or start positive ones. Here’s a helpful detox list that you can include in your daily routine to kickstart your fab 2015!
1. OIL PULLING – This is an
Ayurvedic ritual which helps keep teeth healthy and mouth free from
bacteria. Studies have also shown that the mouth and gut/digestive tract
have a direct correlation so it is best to be vigilant in doing this
practice! Swish Gargoyle Oil Pulling tonic in your mouth for at least
15minutes first thing in the morning before even brushing your teeth.

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2.  Buy a Tongue Scraper – After oil pulling, you may scrape your tongue to help remove the               gunk out. You will be surprised at what you find! After feasting on not-so healthy food, there always is some thick ‘ama’ or undigested material on the outer layer of the tongue. Ewww.
3. ACV – Apple Cider Vinegar
is one of our favourite ingredients for a health drink. We prefer to           use
Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. 


Two tablespoons with one tablespoon
of pure honey (Get from Backyard Farms!) in a glass of water is a healthier alternative to coffee and for
those of you with sluggish intestines, it also helps move bowels if you
drink it first think in the morning on an empty stomach.  Another good use of ACV is to clean
non-organic vegetables and fruit. Just pour one tablespoon in a bowl of
water with the produce. This will help remove unwanted pesticides often found in our food especially the non-organic ones. 

4. EARTHING: Did you know that walking barefoot on earth (sand / soil) for a few minutes a day can give you amazing health results? This simple activity of connecting to earth or our grounding sources recharges our batteries and transfers free electrons from the earth to your body. Go on, toss your shoes, get outside and try it!

5. YOGA: There is no doubt about the detox benefits of a daily yoga practice can bring. Focus on twists to detox your internal organs. Give it a good squeeze! 
Yoga teacher Monica in an inverted acroyoga twist 
All of the FLOW retreats have yoga classes in the packages. Here is the calendar map for 2015! 
Time to save the dates! Note that the first retreat of the year, this February, will be a Yoga & Detox retreat in Palawan!
Wanna practice in the city? Sign up for monthly memberships at the nearest Beyond Yoga studio for a wide selection of yoga and dance classes to suit your body and schedules.
6. CHIA SEEDS – Chia is a gelatinous
plant food that help draw out toxins from the liver and pass them into
the colon for excretion. Chia seeds are a superfood!  Make your own chia pudding with coconut
cream or gata which costs only 30php at the local market.Ingredients: Chia seeds, water,
coconut cream, any preferred fruit. We love mangoes!
          Instructions: Pre-soak chia in
water for at least 30 minutes. Prepare your homemade coconut               cream and mix in
chia after soaking. You can add whatever fruits like organic mango and                    strawberries. Store in fridge overnight and eat the very next day.
You may purchase Chia Seeds from The Healthy Grocery
or KAMOTE TOPS JUICE – Monica prepares kamote tops juice at home for her family
on a weekly, sometimes daily basis because it is high in nutritional value and it very cheap to make! It contains protein, dietary fiber, and essential minerals, nutrients and
filled with antioxidants. “Having children, I make sure they get their dose
of Vitamin C through this drink because it is great for fighting off free
radicals preventing premature aging and disease”, she says. It’s known that kamote tops may be used as a remedy for Dengue fever. 
Here’s how to make Kamote Tops Juice:
Ingredients: a bunch of kamote
tops, calamansi juice, pure honey, water
Directions: Boil kamote tops leaves
in water for a few minutes until water turns into a deep red. Strain the juice
and mix in calamansi juice and honey as sweetener. You may choose to serve this
drink hot like a tea or chilled for a refreshing highly nutritious drink! Next time you are in the organic
market, get a bunch of local kamote tops. 
No time to make your own juice? Order different detox juices from The Juice Barista!
8. DRINK GREEN SMOOTHIES!  Most mothers have difficulty feeding their children greens but consider
blending with fresh fruits in a smoothie, your kids just might have it! We drink and feed our children green smoothies because we believe in getting
vitamins and minerals from easily digestible food sources as opposed to
pharmaceuticals. It has a cleansing factor to it too because of all the
fiber you get from the fruits and green leafy vegetables. Travelling? You may use Moringana capsule powder mixed in a bottle or glass of water for your instant green juice!

Moringana teas and capsules available at the Flow Shop
Rawlicious Green Smoothies can deliver at your doorstep!

Here’s an easy recipe you can try
yourself. 2 glasses of water, 1-2 bananas, 1 mango, a bunch of organic pechay
(no stalk) blend in a high speed blender and serve. No need for sweetener! Get
creative with it, too. I call my green smoothies “Hulk Juice” and my son raves
about it to his classmates. Now they all want some, too!
We hope that this list helps you choose healthier choices this 2015! 🙂
February 24, 2015