Batanes Travel Guide

Verdant rolling hills, towering cliffs, sweeping panoramas, emerald seas, secret coves and clean, salty breeze, Batanes never fails to captivate every adventure-seeker. Batanes province is made up of 10 volcanic islands scattered around its archipelago between Babuyan Islands and Taiwan but only 3 of these islands are inhabited. Although it is still listed tentatively in the UNESCO World Heritage List, Batanes is already regarded as the country’s only protected seascape and landscape.

With such raw nature and a well-preserved culture, stepping into this place feels like traveling back in time.  If the Philippine’s last frontier isn’t in your bucket list yet, now is a good time to consider making it part of your travel plans.

For tips of what to see and do in Batanes, see our favourites below:


Batanes Travel Guide


White Beach is a great spot for dips and swims thanks to its gentle waves. The serene vibe also make it an ideal spot for a beach picnic. Don’t miss Homoron Blue Lagoon, just around the corner from White Beach, a hidden oasis of turquoise-coloured natural pools. It would be difficult to resist soaking into its clear waters!

Head over to Fountain of Youth, a natural cold spring that, trust us, has sunburn healing powers. Getting there is a bit of a hike but truly worth it. Entrance is P50 and the area closes at 5pm so plan accordingly.

Outdoor adventurers will enjoy a leisurely trek to Mt. Iraya, a 1009 meter tall volcano towering majestically over the town of Basco. From the peak you can enjoy stunning vistas or the sea and sky.

Witness the Ivatan fishing tradition at Diura Fishing Village, a sleepy coastal community situated by the shores of Madi Bay. Observe age-old sacred rituals and routines that fishermen practice even up until this day.

Visit the art gallery at Fundacion Pacita, a former home of Ivatan  artist, Pacita Abad, turned into a gorgeous hotel.



Take a half-day tour around the main island of north Batan, in a native-style tricycle (only suitable for sunny days). The tour would cost about P1,000 and additional P500 per person. The vehicle can accommodate up to 3 people.

A 3o minute boat ride from Ivana Port in Batan will take you to the island of Sabtang. Compared to the main island, Sabtang is much more quiet and less crowded. A tour also costs P1,000 which takes you to beautiful, untouched coves and hills you can easily hike to as well as traditional Ivatan houses. Make sure to reserve and make plans a day before your trip there.

For an experience of the stunning Batanes marine life, book a eco scuba diving tour with Dive Batanes.

Honesty Coffee Shop is a store/cafe open to anyone and everyone where guests are free to do anything on their own from preparing their own coffee, tea, snacks to computing the total bill. The store is unmanned and payments are left at a dropbox




Have a traditional uved in broth at Cafe du Tukon at Fundacion Pacita.

We recommend trying local spots for local dishes like lunis, uvud, venes, flying fish or lobster. If you’d like to have more greens, try the local fern called, pako, which is grows like wild weeds. For something warm and cosy, have a serving of their local tea, tubho, which is best paired with a kamote donut.



Find a homestay for a local experience which you may book through Airbnb.

If you are not on a tight budget, consider Fundacion de Pacita for its beautiful art and architecture.


Getting Around

Renting a motorbike is the cheapest and best way to see the island. If you don’t drive one, tricycles are also available as a mode of transportation.

November 6, 2018