9 All Natural & Local Skincare Products To Try Now

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  • Aug 5, 2016


BodyfoodBuddies will be having a mini market to showcase all natura, handmade and homemade products which were mostly learned under the workshops of awesome teacher and mentor, Ana Gutierrez Niguidula. See some of the student sellers and their products below.
Nanny Rose Lunas
Nanny Rose
@nannyrose on Instagram
Lunas by Nanny Rose Feel Good Cooling Cream is a light-weight blend of cooling botanicals, aromatic oils, beeswax and shea butter.


Isla Soaps
@islasoapsph on Instagram
Isla’s Night Sky contains Activated Bamboo Charcoal that draws out deep sooted impurities and Elemi Essential Oil that promotes collagen building. Both products are well-known to tone the skin, reduce fine lines and tighten pores.

Ingredients include Saponified Virgin Coconut Oil, Activated Bamboo Charcoal and Manila Elemi Essential Oil.

Delight Handmade Soaps 
@delighthandmadesoaps on Instagram
Cucumber Avocado Soap made with Cucumber and Avocado purees, and a blend of beneficial oils such as VCO, Sweet Almond, Shea Butter and Jojoba oil.
Daily Bar
@daily.bar on Instagram
Cleansing Grains with Chamomile is a powdered facial cleanser made of oats,nuts, clays, milk powder and the herb chamomile to soothe skin. It also has coconut milk powder for that extra moisture. Cleansing grains is a cleanser and light exfoliant in one.

Vaera Naturals                                                                                                                                                                               @vaeranaturals on Instagram                                                                                                                              

All natural laundry bar and laundry granules, balms, face and body soap are some products from Vaera Naturals’ skincare line.

Hjem Living
@hjemlivingmnl on Instagram
Salves to the rescue! Calendula, Bug off! and Sweet Orange all natural salves to soothe bites, dryness and irritations.
Dear Jamie
@dearjamie_ph on Instagram
Handmade soaps and modern apothecary that are great for detoxing and cleansing the skin.
Finn The Label
@finnthelabel on Instagram
 Finn beeswax candles are made with 100% natural beeswax candles and essential oils.
Botanicals In Bloom
@Botanicals_in_Bloom on Instagram
Luxurious Bath and Body Oil, 100% Rose, Hydrofoil Facial Mist, Rose Otto Facial, Serum and Rose & Peppermint Shea, Butter Lipbalm.
Coffee drinkers, don’t fret! There will also be Nomadic Coffee, a pop-up coffee setup by traveling baristas. It is born out of love for the outdoors, surfing, conversations, and promoting specialty coffee through Cold Brew, Drip Coffee, and AeroPress.
These are just a fraction of what to expect at the mini market so we to see you all there! I personally hoard products that are supreme in quality. Ana is kind enough to be giving away sampler balms to all shoppers tomorrow! Remember to BYOB (Bring your own bags) for shopping! Support local, handmade and homemade!
Bodyfood Buddies Mini Market
August 6, 2016, 2-6pm
85 Xavier St. West Greenhills, San Juan
Monica Eleazar ManzanoMonica is one of the co-founders of Flow Retreats. She is a mindful mother, yoga teacher, entrepreneur and a travel blogger for MyLittleGlobetrotters.com . When she isn’t teaching in a yoga retreat or making all-natural and organic products at home, she is planning her next getaway – with her kids in tow, of course!