Celebrate Food, Music & Art at LiFE Yoga


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LiFE is still making its bones in the yoga community and is gaining attention fast with its art-inspired and inspiring studio. Members of the local art community created LiFE’s brightly colored murals, and the theme of art is present all throughout the center with cheeky calligraphy on the bathroom walls and framed works sitting on shelves.

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The classes LiFE offers are:

Yoginner (a yoga basics class for beginners), Rock n’ Flow (a fast-paced Vinyasa class), Feel Good Flow (slow-paced Vinyasa), Core Flow (Pilates-infused Vinyasa), Ash-Asana (an Ashtanga variation), Hot Beat (a Bikram variation), Hot Flow (a heated Vinyasa class), Goin’ Yin (Yin Yoga), Inner Glow (Kundalini Yoga), Great Om (Meditation) and Moving Om (Moving Meditation).

Just this month LiFE Yoga has welcomed Rocket Yoga to their roster, a style of yoga that aims to push students to advance expressions at a faster pace.

Music Feeds The Soul

LiFE’s approach to yoga is less focused on structure, as it aims to be adaptable, modern and light. One way that LiFE meanders from the traditional yoga path is by infusing music into each class. Whether the music playing on the speakers is traditional Kirtan chanting, or a gentle Sam Smith crooning you into a deeper Savasana, LiFE’s thoughtfully curated playlists are designed to deepen your yogic experience on their mats.

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Say Hello To LiFE’s Delicious Neighbor


ViBE Café has a very homey and casual vibe, that makes you want to kick your shoes off and cozy up to a book from its own shelf. After a strengthening workout in either the heated Prana Square on the first level or the upstairs Lotus Room, you can grab a gluten-free snack, a nourishing green juice, or a refreshing salad in ViBE. ViBE Café also offers free Wifi to customers.

Who Says Yogis Can’t Party?

LiFE Yoga currently hosts their quarterly #YogaPoolParty at the Palace Pool Club, with the next one coming up on May 7. The event includes a LiFE yoga class and a guest movement class performed to a live DJ set. Afterwards guests are invited to take a dip in the pool and enjoy a curated healthy menu from Café Naya.

LiFE also hosts LiFE At The Park, a monthly event that offers a free outdoor yoga practice to members of the local Burgos Circle community and its guests. LiFE continues to pursue new avenues where it can take yoga to new and interesting places that push you out of your comfort zone through private and public events.

Email info@lifeyogacenter.com for your first trial class at their studio entirely free!

Visit lifeyogacenter.com or follow @life.yoga for more details.