Charcoal is the new VCO

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  • Sep 15, 2016
charcoal toothbrush


Yep, I’m as hippie as can be. I use VCO to solve all problems. But guess what…charcoal is almost the same! I love anything charcoal now. Ever since I found out about all the healing benefits from charcoal, I am no longer afraid of this black magic powder which I now have for emergency food poisoning cases.

Bad tummy? Stir some charcoal in a glass of water! I buy facial products with charcoal because I know it will absorb the nasty toxic gunk from my face. I sprinkle charcoal powder in my homemade and handmade all-natural soaps now, too! Whaaat – they make charcoal toothbrushes now? Oh, cool! ‘Coz they’re good cleansers and whiteners for the teeth, too!

charcoal toothbrush

Got these awesome bamboo toothbrushes for me and my son (with antibacterial charcoal bristles, yay!) where 10% of proceeds go to charity. Not only are you helping reduce yucky plastics, you also help the Earth and other communities in need 👏🏼

Don’t you think they’re great gifts?

Available at FLOW Retreats online shop

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