Creating Your Own Meditation Space

One of the things we at Flow practice daily (or try to at least!) is meditation. In our busy, hectic and stressful lives, we need to find time to sit still and quiet the mind. But before anything else, it is important to find space where you can devote your meditation practice as well. Here are some tips on creating your own sacred space:
Choose a space 
If you have an empty room in your house, you can convert this entire space into a meditation room. A nice corner in your bedroom would work too.
Keep it comfy
Rug and cushions help you relax and be comfortable in your own meditation space. Choose a rug and a cushion made from soft, natural materials. 
Choose an image 
A Buddha or Hindu god statue, a photo of a guru or a saint. It can be any image that inspires you and keeps your centered. 
Meditative sounds 
Pick out something that helps you get into the zone such as a Tibetan Singing Bowl, a bell or chimes.
Include a scent 
A candle or incense provides good and soothing energies to your space.
Mala Beads 
Choose the 108 japa mala beads for chanting your mantras 108 times. Chanting mantras help you concentrate in your meditation practice and help balance out the mind and body. 
Calm the senses 
Spritz on an all natural face mist or sip on a warm herbal tea to help calm the mind and senses
Add an element from nature 
Shells from your beach trip, leaves or rocks from hiking or a favorite indoor plant adds good energy to the space.
Fringed Monterey Rug from Anthropologie, Silver Buddha Statue from Nash Pop, Floor Cushions from La Casa de Coto, Tibetan Singing Bowl from Zen Singing Bowls, Turquoise Mala Beads from Mad Sky Mala, Cinammon Spice Candle from Amber Lights, Tree Trunk Planter from Anthropologie, Dharma Awake Face Mist from The Flow Shop, Moringana Tea from The Flow Shop
Some meditation spaces we love: 3rd photo from Still Inspiration and 4th photo from Free People.

February 24, 2015