We offer activities that energize your body and spirit. Whether it’s surfing, practicing yoga outdoors, dancing, hiking, snorkeling, island hopping, learning capoeira, poi  or hoops, we believe in an active lifestyle as our bodies are designed to move. Movement improves mind function and sweating it out is a great way to detox and release happy hormones. Our retreat activities are usually done outdoors, amidst natural landscapes which allows one to explore, breathe in fresh, clean air and reconnect with nature.


We believe in wholesome eating. Fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, superfoods, raw food meals, green smoothies and juicing, we believe that eating clean and movement go hand in hand and is part of the path to a healthier lifestyle. Eating healthy doesn’t only make one feel good inside but also protects our bodies and organs from contracting serious diseases and illness. As the saying goes, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”, at Flow Retreats, we show ways on how to prepare healing, nourishing and delicious meals and snacks to kickstart your journey to wellness


We create a community of like-minded individuals. Forming new bonds and friendships, and getting to know people from different backgrounds and nationalities, meeting individuals who inspire are all part of the Flow Retreats  experience.