Five Reasons Everyone Would Benefit From Wellness Travel

People have been travelling for their physical or mental well-being for hundreds of years, but ‘Wellness Travel’ is now one of the fastest growing areas of tourism and everyone can benefit. Wellness travel means travelling and taking part in activities to promote better health, whether that’s a yoga retreat or getting out into nature by hiking or swimming.

Not sure it’s for you? Here are just five reasons everyone should embrace wellness travelling…


Detox Time

If you’re addicted to your screens, wellness travel can be a good chance to enjoy a digital detox. If you leave behind the stress of work emails and social media, you can reconnect to the things you enjoyed before the screens took over.


Me Time

We all have commitments, but sometimes we can forget that we also have commitments to ourselves and our own mental and physical wellbeing. A wellness retreat gives you the ‘me time’ you need to put yourself first, to see to your own needs before you have to see to the needs of others.


Guilt-free Indulgence

Holidays often involve overindulging followed by guilt and dieting when you get back home. Wellness travel usually involves eating healthily and getting plenty of rejuvenating exercise, just make sure you have insurance which covers outdoor activities. The idea is to go home feeling better about yourself than when you checked in!



That’s not to say that there’s no indulgence in a wellness holiday! You could find yourself staying at some five-star accommodation, complete with fine dining and a spa. Don’t think that wellness travel means cutting out any of the pleasures in life, it just means they’re healthier pleasures.


Feel Refreshed

Sometimes you can return from a holiday feeling you need another one to recover from the stress. A wellness holiday will re-energise and refresh you because it gives you the time and space to unwind from the anxieties of the everyday.