Flow Boracay Day Rate Reg Form

Flow Boracay Day Rates
Choose your own activity and pay per class. Those who will be joining 6 activities and above will get a discounted rate and a pair of Havaianas flip

Yoga for Surfers – P800
Yin Yoga – P800
Poi – P800
Samba – P800
Rubberstamp Crafternoon – P1,100
Wavepool Surfing – P1,300

We will get back to you thru email with your total amount and payment details once we receive your registration form!





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Havaianas Flip Flop Size (only for those availing of 6+ activities)

Choose you activities
 Yoga for Surfers with PSA – April 18, 4:30pm  
 Wavepool surfing with PSA – April 19, 9am  
 Crafternoon Workshop with Alessandra Lanot- April 19, 2pm  
 Poi Workshop with Paolo Soler – April 19, 4:30pm  
 Sunset Samba with Imperatriz Filipinense – April 19, 5:30pm  
 Yin Yoga with Monica Manzano – April 20, 6am  
 Green Smoothie & Raw Food Workshop with the Flow Team – April 20, 10am 
 Samba with Imperatriz Filipinense – April 20, 4pm  
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