FLOW Nature Retreat in Anilao

The FLOW Nature Retreat was held last March 23-24 at a Pugad, a private beach sanctuary in Anilao, Batangas.
This retreat was put together for folks who wanted a short breather from the urban jungle. A good number of people converged with the same idea to join the FLOW team in de-stressing the way we usually do.

Some people were lucky enough to chose the hippie ‘camp’out’ package which really was an authentic immersion with nature.

The interesting mix of activities for this short but sweet weekend include:

Ocean view Yin Yoga with Monica Manzano. Yin Yoga is coined as the ‘needless acupuncture’ as this practices goes deeper into the connective tissues that activate the meridian lines of the body. Students feel like they have just finished a 2-hour massage after this session. We highly recommend this class for those people who have the tendency to burn out from work.

Earth Hour Samba with Imperatriz Filipinense. A different take on Earth Hour as we danced to the drum beats in darkness albeit a few lamps for lighting.

 The FLOW kids know how to party with us too!

Sunset Sailing – There’s just nothing like a dose of your vitamin sea with kindred souls sailing with you at sunset.

Plus— the organizers truly want to share the gift of health, always include; an introductory live food workshop and green smoothies powered by Moringana superfoods capsules and teas and Breville.

FLOW participants embark on a journey into health with Moringana, Rawlicious and Breville.
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Special thanks to our awesome photographer, Stephanie Torres! To see more photos from this retreat, click here. Check out Stephanie’s site http://infinitesatori.org/