Full Moon Sound Bath Gathering – February 19

With the Full Moon on Virgo happening a few weeks from now, join us for a night of alignment and elevation. Vibrate with the moon’s energies with a session on crystal healing and a deep relaxation sound bath led by Dana Marquez using 432hz soundscapes, polyphonic overtone singing, keyboards and singing bowls. Bathe yourself in expansive energies to draw in  inner harmony and fully manifest your desires!

There will be essential oils, herbal teas and a magical night to illuminate and connect with the community. Join us for this experience!

Please bring the following:
– Yoga Mat
– Small pillow or blanket if you wish to stay more comfortable in the Sound Bath Session
– Crystals (if you have, not required)
Energy Exchange:
What To Expect:
Crystal Healing discussion to learn and discover its uses, benefits. How to care, charge and choose crystals
Crystal grids
Sound Bath to relax, heal and expand
Use an essential oil to heighten your sound bath experience
Herbal teas for everyone after the session
Kombucha (yay!) by Boochamama
An inspiring night to go deep, connect with your soul and like-minded people!
February 19, 2019
 The Ruins at Poblacion, Alfonso St. Makati