How To Detox the FLOW way!

If you’re anything like us, then you must have the wanderlust gene in your biochemistry, too. The FLOW girls can’t seem to get enough of travel pursuits! With or without our kids, we blaze on with our passions- Yoga, Surfing & Samba-ing our way throughout the world. Thank you, Air Asia for being our official carrier during last month’s exciting event.
We recently concluded our annual start of the year detox retreat with FLOW at one of the best 100% Raw Food Retreat Centers in Asia, Bahay Kalipay, Palawan.
In the Visayan language, “Bahay Kalipay” means house of happiness because many people from all walks of life experience just that when coming here, bliss.
As we arrived, we were greeted a warm welcome by the house staff with our favorite summer detox drink, fresh coconuts! Coconuts are known to hydrate the body (so much cheaper, not to mention healthier than Gatorade!) and is also an awesome blood purifier.
We were then led to our rooms, all native-style made from local materials, mostly bamboo artistically done. It’s refreshing to be surrounded by nature, letting fresh air breathe through the walls. Your energy automatically perks up. Oh, what an experience!

There is a labyrinth where people can do a walking meditation to help silence the mind. Let go of mental clutter which we all carry especially in the big cities.

Participants were all given this handy pouch, a detox kit containing travel-friendly items which we were to use over the weekend.
In the kit -the dry brush, Gargoyle Oil Pulling Tonic, Casa Natura’s Magnesium Spray and Brown Belly’s Body Scrub – all available at the FLOW online shop

Bhante Ven Rakkhita, a British Buddhist monk taught Insight Meditation. Our very first activity proved to be very deep and challenging but we sailed on! This is another technique to get the junk out of our heads. It seems we all had rubbish to throw out!

And aaaah the yoga. Monica Manzano led 3 different yoga classes over the weekend which our bodies yearned for. We did two detoxifying vinyasa practices and one Yin Yoga session where we were asked to surrender our bodies and to witness for ourselves the mind-body connection.

We absolutely love the part of sweetly surrendering into savasana while Monica gives us a rub down using YogaLove healing cream made from all natural ingredients also available at

You can’t deny how just a single yoga class can alter your state. Blissful faces on cam πŸ™‚

El Kalinado led the group’s Green Smoothie workshop. This is by far the easiest, cheapest and fastest way to get greens into your system. If you’ve got kids, try it on them too!

They say green is the color of the heart chakra. Shall we drink more greens and feel and give more love?

Simple Summer Green Smoothie Recipe
a bunch of local greens
saba bananas
coconut water

Just blend until creamy (no bits of greens in sight) and drink up!

Guests happily enjoying their detoxifying green smoothies! You can seriously get a natural high just from drinking this stuff. You get your nutrients plus FIBER!

Did we mention that BK is one of the BEST Raw Food Retreat Centers in Asia?! Just look at how pretty food presentation is! It surely is as tasty too. Detoxifying through food couldn’t be more appealing ever!

And so…all good things come to an end. We walked to the nearby Clarkville beach to do our goodbyes. Perhaps some of us had some release work to do and what better venue than the ocean for this.

In behalf of the FLOW team, we would like to say thank you to our amazing group of participants and sponsors! We are also grateful for the team behind Bahay Kalipay, all the co-facilitators, fellow travelers and soul seekers. May we cross paths again one day. We are ONE with YOU all in this search of happiness. OM