How To Ninja

ninja academy

The FLOW Tribe loves movement! Whether it’s doing yoga, dancing, surfing or being a ninja.

Yes, you read that right. We’re talking about proper wall-climbing, high-jumping, roof-scaling ninja.

That’s why a few weeks back, we ninja’d on over to The Ninja Academy in Pasig for a Parkour class with our little ninjas-in- training, Santi, Benny, Kai and Angie.

The two-hour session started off with warm ups where we had to walk like different animals – quite challenging as we had to exercise proper hand and leg coordination. The coach also taught some basic safety moves for jumps, lands and rolls. Parkour, also known as free running, encourages natural movement, focus and free play.

After learning the basics, we did some vaulting and proper landing techniques that we used for the obstacle course at the end of the class. Our teacher walked us through it and reminded us that we didn’t need to rush, but rather be safe, be creative and of course, to have fun. It was intense and left us pumped up, asking for more!

Established in 2014 by the Philippine Parkour Freerunning Association or PPFA, The Ninja Academy is the first indoor parkour facility in Manila. They want people to move and experience the amazing ability and strength of the human body, all while having loads of ninja fun.

With summer here, The Ninja Academy offers regular classes and workshops for adults and kids! For more information, please visit