Massages That Heal The Body + Soul

Whenever I am stressed or go through a major meltdown in my life, the first thing that comes to my mind after practicing yoga and breath work is a trip to the spa!

Just very recently, I was on a lucky streak as I was invited to try two very distinct massages from reputable spas both here in the Philippines and in Hong Kong.

Chuan Spa Cordis Hong Kong

Chuan Spa in Cordis Hong Kong

Water is the basis of life and the foundation of wellbeing and vitality. In Chinese, ‘Chuan’ means flowing water and Chuan Spa is the spring to wellness with treatments and surroundings that restore the mind, body and soul.

I took a quick mommy break one evening at our hotel suite in Cordis as I left both kids with my parents (grannies are super awesome baby sitters for the night!).

Before treatment, guests are encouraged to embark on a natural water journey – the Chuan tri-bathing ritual to clear thoughts, rejuvenate and soothe the body, mind and soul.

The tri-bathing ritual features an array of wet facilities to exploit the body’s reaction to hot and cold stimuli for deeper dimensions of relaxation, health and wellbeing. The ritual begins with the aromatic steam or sauna allowing heat to loosen and soothe tightened congested muscles. As an interlude, take a cooling Japanese onsen shower to awaken your spirit. Round off the ritual with a long soak in the Oriental hot tub to prepare you for your spa treatment. Too bad cameras aren’t allowed in the room, I am not able to share with you my water indulgence!

The waiting room for the massage is unique experience in itself. There are delicious (the yummiest I have tried!) cookies and tea and reading material available while you wait in peace.


A refuge in the sky. Chuan Spa is located on the 41st floor of Cordis Hotel so you are likely to see all the city lights shine through the night if you choose to have your massage in the evening. I was given the 90-minute Harmony Massage which was a refreshing and healing balm to my sore body from traveling with tots in tow!


After the blissful massage experience, you will be taken to their relaxation room for another round of tea and tranquility. The perfect night cap in Hong Kong is here!

Chuan Spa is located at Level 41, Cordis, Hong Kong
555 Shanghai Street, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong
+852 3552 3510
Reservations are essential and can be made by calling +852 3552 3510 or emailing


Rain Spa in Pico Sands Hotel

This is probably Pico Sands Hotel’s best kept secret!  Who knew that the 90-minute Hilot Massage can do wonders for the weary soul?

Rain Spa Pico de Loro

My massage therapist knew body work well as she kneaded all my tensions away melting me into a puddle until I snoozed. That was a sure sign that she was really good because I almost never sleep through a massage! Make sure to book a spa treatment in Rain Spa when you visit Pico De Loro and Pico Sands Hotel. It is a must after a full day of water activities. The traditional Hilot massage is highly recommended! Thank me later 🙂

Rain Spa is located at Pico Sands Hotel
Pico de Loro Cove, Hamilo Coast
Tel: +63 2 4647800 / +63 2 4647888
Mobile: +63 917 8091289


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