Moving to Bali? (Part 2)

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  • Apr 23, 2015

This is part 2 of the blog series “Moving To Bali?”

We’ve interviewed some really fascinating people that have courageously packed up, uprooted and moved to one of the most beautiful places on Earth – Bali, Indonesia.

If you have the desire to do the same, perhaps you would find it interesting to read why they did it and their recommendations of their favorite spots on paradise island they now call home. 

Jhoana Parvati

“I found out I was pregnant while we were traveling in Peru and we decided to head back to the Philippines to give birth. I was apprehensive about it because I had an ideal birth scenario with a midwife in our home but going back to the Philippines I didn’t know any midwives nor did we have a home. So I decided to have a stopover in Bali to relax and breathe out all the apprehensions.
When we arrived we stayed in Nyuh Kuning where Bumi Sehat is. Everyone kept telling me to meet this woman named Ibu Robin since I was pregnant. I finally went to see her and immediately I recognised the woman who will help me deliver my baby. A few days after that we found our “jungle home” a few minutes outside of Ubud.
After giving birth I and reality check of the challenges of living abroad as a family. We tried to go back to the Philippines and came back here last year to clear out our things and have our house open for rental. But Ubud magic is strong and pulled us back in again. It’s not a perfect paradise but it is as good as it gets – it still has the wildness of paradise, we get to live in nature, Tala gets to explore a natural playground, the people are friendly and looove children, Olivier’s work is well-received and at the same time he gets a work-life balance and is able to replenish himself by going on motorbike rides in the rice fields and springs, the place is supportive of a healthy lifestyle, and I have access to yoga, organic markets, the beach – just a good mix of Bali culture, nature-based lifestyle, and “cosmopolitan city comforts.”
Spots and Eats:
1. Alchemy – For their Breakfast Bar, Salad Bar, Healthy Food and Drinks

Spinach Quiche from Alchemy

2. Clear Cafe – The staff love kids and they play with Tala (cookie points from the FLOW mamas!) Yummy smoothies, too!

Tala and some raw vegan dessert! Look at his tongue, he can almost taste it!

O and Tala have a moment together in Clear Cafe
3. Paradiso Cinema in Down to Earth – Lots of animation films for the kids, we don’t have TV at home so this our big screen entertainment.

4. Seniman – Coffee!

5. Locavore – The only place on my list that’s not kid friendly, it is reserved for special date nights or special lunch, it has a farm to table concept so everything is local. No canned beans or frozen scallops.

6. Biah Biah in Jalan Goutama – Yummy Balinese food, there are many places obviously but this place doesn’t use MSG and it’s in a “trendy” street with many shops to visit.

7. Dirty Duck Diner – For those days when I want a greasy duck with Nasi Kuning, their Escargot is really good too – French husband approved

8. Yoga Barn – Yoga and Dance! Plus, Tala can roam around their grounds while I’m in class

9. Taksu – Where Olivier gives sessions and workshops, beautiful garden setting, Shakti Dance class every Saturday with the beautiful Mishaal

10. Tulsi – An Indian restaurant in Nyuh Kuning with reliable Thali plates

Kulfi: an frozen Indian delight!
Mouthwatering Thali plate (must have this soon!)

11. Warung Sopa and Kopi Topi – Like Tulsi, these are hideaways from the Ubud tourists because they’re not on the city center. They are in a garden set up and it has many little shops inside owned by Japanese so you can imagine how cute, clean and well curated the shops are!

cutiepie Tala eats clean at Warung Sopa

A complete healthy meal at Warung Sopa

12. Sakti Restaurant in Five Elements – For times we really want to get awaaaay but not too far and has an All-Raw-Menu.

Zucchini Fetuccini

Join Jhoana’s Sacred Dance class or her husband’s Olivier’s Chakra’s Healing Workshop in Taksu when you visit Ubud!

Adi Zarsadias

I moved to the south coast of Lombok simply because I loved it and felt at home. If you look at it on the map, it’s a long jagged coastline of the most idyllic beaches, lush green hills and perfect surf spots. We can’t even count them, as most of them are unnamed. There’s an old saying that goes “You can find Bali in Lombok, but you will never find Lombok in Bali.”  You really have to see it for yourself to understand.

Our Peace Love Flow tote has been all over the world! This one’s in Lombok 😀
The locals in Kuta will genuinely welcome you into their homes. The few expats who live here run businesses that give back to the community in their own little ways. Travelers usually come here from Bali on their last few days of vacation, and say “We should’ve just spent our entire time here instead!” Some travelers I met here recently asked “Was it hard to travel around Southeast Asia for 6 months when you’ve already discovered this paradise?” Yes it was. It really really was. 

Yoga with THAT view!

I felt that unlike Manila, there are no social hierarchies here. No one gives a f*ck what you own, what you’re wearing or what your last name is. Really! People from different countries, backgrounds and religions hangout. The cost of living is a just third of Manila’s, but the quality of life is incomparable. 

Read more about my decision to move on here

What are your favorite spots and eats?

1. Laut Biru Cafe in Selong Belanak – Beautiful new restaurant right on the beachfront of Selong Belanak beach. They offer dishes with a local taste, cooked to western standards. My favorites are the Ragi Rajan and Lime Cheescake.

2. Nuggets Corner Warung in Kuta – Don’t be misled by the name! They are a local warung that make Java style dishes. They only use fresh and locally sourced ingredients, no MSG! Their signature rendang dishes are slow cooked with 21 different mouthwatering spices. Try the Vegetable Rendang with red rice and their “Special Salad”.

3. Drop-In Cafe towards Gerupuk – Well thought out cafe in the middle of nowhere! Come here before or after a long day of surfing in Gerupuk. Try any of their signature sandwiches and the orgasmic chocolate cake.

4. Ocean Breeze Deli – When I need a break from the local food, this deli supplies everything we need, from my much needed bacon to muesli.

You’ll never guess that Adi once belonged in the corporate circuit. These days, she teaches yoga here and there, travels wherever her heart desires and blogs about her adventures and became insanely famous for her article “Don’t Date A Girl Who Travels“.

Unfortunately, Adi will not be present at the Gili Air & Lombok Retreat of FLOW because she is flying out to her next big adventure – Costa Rica! Follow her pursuits at

June 26, 2015