Natural Makeup Brands You Need To Know

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  • flow
  • Aug 16, 2018

Just as we are becoming more conscious about our environmental impact, we are also becoming more mindful of what we put on our bodies. Our skin, after all is the largest organ and toxic build up from chemically-laden products can do harm inside and out. You’ve got your all natural oils and serums, handcrafted soaps and shampoo, now it’s just about time to replace your makeup bag with organic and nontoxic alternatives.

To help you transition to clean beauty, we’ve listed our favourite earth-friendly makeup brands that you can switch for mainstream commercial brands. Made with safe, natural ingredients, not only do they make you look gorgeous, but leave your skin feeling luxurious as well.


Finn The Label

Finn The Label is a natural and cruelty-free skincare line specialising in beeswax candles, serums and, yes makeup made in small batches. Their handcrafted lipsticks come in seven shades ranging from earthy to reddish tones that remind you of colours found in nature. Produced from beeswax, shea butter, coconut butter, kaolin clay and dried flowers infused in cold pressed virgin coconut oil, these lipsticks will surely beautify the skin inside and out. Other products to look out for from this brand are their lip and check tints in handy tin cans (perfect for travelling!) and natural mineral highlighters made from grapeseed and sweet almond oil that give you that perpetual sunkissed glow.


Radioactive Mushrooms in the Forest

This independent brand believes in creating products inspired by a sweet blend of imagination and memories. The result are handcrafted botanical perfumes, vegan lip and cheek balms, bronzers and luminizers in dreamy, mystical pigments that enhance your natural beauty.


SkinLab Naturals

SkinLab naturals provides healthier skincare and makeup alternatives without compromising performance. Designed to make you look naturally glamorous, their wide-ranging collection includes brightening serums, hydrating lotions and creamy, semi matte lippies enriched with argan and macadamia nut oils. All products are made for sensitive skin too.