Natural Product Review: Ilog Maria Tooth Powder



New in my arsenal of natural products is the Propolis Tooth Powder fromย Ilog Maria Honey Bee Farm.

I’ve stopped using conventional toothpaste for many years knowing that many of the ingredients used are neurotoxic. You read that right. Ingredients like flouride, saccharine and sodium laurate sulfate are bad for your brain and are cancerous. Even in small increments, everything we take do add up and may do us harm. Good thing there are more local products that actually care about your health (and not just make money out of consumers!).


I do make my own homemade toothpaste with baking powder and pure essential oils but I have to admit, it tastes nasty. And since the paste I make is usually in a ceramic jar, it isn’t very travel friendly either. This pot from Ilog Maria is handy enough for travel and yes, tastes way better than what I make at home.







Monica is the co-founder of Flow Retreats. She is a huge advocate of natural beauty products. When she isn’t trying to make her own at home, she is probably at a yoga retreat for Flow or planning her next adventure with her kids in tow. Follow her on Instagram @dharmadreamsbig and her travel stories at


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