NLP with Louise Ware

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  • Feb 28, 2013

NLP Coach and past FLOW-er Louise Ware will be conducting a one-day one-on-one coaching session to FLOW-participants: 
Date: March 6, 2013 (Wednesday)
Venue: Shangri-la Hotel lounge, Makati City (to be confirmed)
Louise is certified by the British Psychological Society, American Board of NLP, The Association for NLP & the International Network for Humanistic NLP. 
A 45-minute session normally costs Php4000, but she’s extending an AMAZING discount to past FLOW-ers for Php2000!
For some testimonies from those that have worked with Louise
Louise’s Company: The Mind Playground
Sessions will be different for each person depending on what each person would like to work on. 
Time will be spent listening, appreciating, coaching, supporting and helping you move towards your desired goal, whatever that may be. It could be that we work on: 
  • Helping you dramatically improve the quality of your life & improve your health & well being
  • Working with you to help you make your life dream come true
  • Helping you with work related issues / work-life balance
  • Discovering who you really are and find your life purpose
  • Teaching you how to communicate with grace in difficult situations
Tools used may include life coaching, NLP exercises, timeline therapy, hypnotherapy.