Back To Balance: Pilates & Breathwork – November 10

Get back into balance through pilates, breathwork and wholesome eats in this holistic workout session to align the mind, body and spirit. Refreshing smoothie bowls will be served after class to nourish the body and make your own bath salts in a short diy session.


Sweat and tone in a special mat pilates session that will fire your core, arms and legs for a total body workout. Flow through movements that will tone and strengthen, challenge stability and reshape the body. Whether you are looking at getting into shape or simply finding ways to supplement any sport, Pilates enhances your practice by bringing back balance and strength to your body.



Breathwork is a way of changing your breathing patterns to improve mental, physical, and spiritual health. Drawing from eastern practices like Tai Chi and yoga, it is an active meditation that allows us to address unresolved emotional pain and energy from our body so we may be able to fully heal and move forward. Next time you are triggered, anxious or confused, Breathwork is a great tool to detox you from these emotions and bring calmness to your present state.


DIY Salt Scrub

Get to take home your very own natural salt scrub at the diy station. Customise a scrub using plant-based oils and high grade, pure essential oils by Young Living Essential Oils.


November 10, 2018


3F, 38 Rockwell, Rockwell Drive, Rockwell Centre, Makati

Rate: P880/pax

P800/pax for past Flow Retreats participants and Beyond Yoga members



60 minute mat pilates session


smoothie bowl snack

herbal tea

diy salt scrub

goodie bag