Rainbow Fluorite


The colour of fluorite (also called fluorspar) ranges anywhere from almost clear with green hue to a mix of deep purple and green. Some fluorite even has an aqua colour.

As a healing stone it grounds excess energy. Excellent for the mind, as it helps one to grasp higher ideals and advances the cognitive process. An important balancer and healer because of its bipyramidal shape embodying the concept of the heavens and earth being a mirror image of each other. Fluorite is a highly protective and stabilizing stone, useful for grounding and harmonizing spiritual energy. A popular stone among energy healers, fluorite can also clear the aura energies as it calms and relieves anxiety and stress. Physically it is used in crystal healing for pain, general health throughout the body’s main skeletal and muscular systems.

These Rainbow Fluorite rough stones you are ordering are 100% natural and sourced from Mexico. This material is a “AAA” grade meaning it is the best quality that can come from the mines. Even as the best quality material there could still be small imperfections since this is a naturally earth mined product of nature.

Each stone is different from the other. ​The average stone size is between 1.25 inches and 1.75 inches.

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