Pursuing your Passion without Going Broke

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  • Oct 15, 2016
security bank launch

A few months ago, I was blessed to find myself in the FLOW Retreat in Dumagete and Siquijor where our soul sister, Adi Zarsadias of Love the Search gave a talk on The Secrets of a Living a Nomadic Lifestyle.

She made us draw three to five passions in our lives and asked us to share with the group what these were.
Mine were the following: 
Nature and the Great Outdoors
Movement, Dance and Music
Health and Wellness
(too bad my phone got rebooted and I lost the photo!)
As I looked at my drawing, I saw that all of these were actually infused into FLOW Retreats! What an amazing discovery! The next step was to see how these passions could relate or fuse together and see what we could do so that these passions can actually be something sustainable for us to live with. As a yummy mummy of two beautiful boys, of course there is a struggle between doing things for passion and for money/ abundance, because at the end of the day, we do have bills to pay:P
The beautiful thing was that Adi shared that the money will come, as long as we live our lives passionately. As hard as it is to believe and trust this, I look at here and see that she is the true manifestation of her words– a true nomad who really does love the search.
Here is my list of things I’d like to manifest in the near future: 
1. a clear, inspired and happy mind, body and spirit
2. a home for my family with clean air, open space and quiet spaces
3. sons that respect me with a love for life and all things outdoors
4. healthy, home cooked meals for nourishment
5. a loving, passionate and supportive husband; proper healthy communication in marriage
6. thriving booming businesses!

7. a happy inspired team working towards shared goals and visions
8. opportunities to be in the great outdoors one with nature in stillness and silence
9. inner peace and contentment
10. finding my life passion and healing myself and the world
Fast forward to September 2016, when I attended Security Bank’s “Pursue Your Passion Without Going Broke” event. Monica spoke about uprooting her family and moving to the paradise of Palawan without a plan, only to return to Manila learning lessons in life.
For the first time in my life, I am now learning about the importance of investing and who better to invest with than a bank that is an expert in this field. With just php10,000, I was able to start a Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF) with calculated risk based on a questionnaire I answered. Now I have experts at Security Bank’s Trust Division managing the investment for me so my funds can be strategically invested for better returns. I am looking forward to seeing my funds grow so that I can have funds to fuel my passions in the near future!
For more information on Security Bank’s UITF, please go here.
scurity bank uitf
September 15, 2016