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  • May 31, 2013

Lifefactory and Para’Kito, in cooperation with Juju Eats and Leung De Leon Marketing Services, Inc., hosted an intimate mommy affair for the press and bloggers to promote and share practical tips on living a safe and healthy lifestyle. The event was held at the newly opened salad joint, Juju Eats, located at 2297 Chino Roces Avenue, Makati in the afternoon of May 15, 2013. 
The event started with an opening remark by David Azanza, owner of Juju Eats and Juju Cleanse and president of Red Herring Distribution Inc., the official distributor of Para’Kito and Lifefactory here in the Philippines. Azanza formally opened the event by introducing himself and how he and his wife, Kat Azanza, came up with the concept of Juju Eats along with the already existing and known brand, Juju Cleanse. He talked about how this branch of his healthy oriented project is important in our society in the present time. 
Azanza also introduced their official coffee supplier, Kick-Start, who was represented by Mike Asuncion, president of the Silca Coffee Roasting Company. Mike Asuncion shared his venture in the coffee industry and how he came up with the brand Kick-Start. After the short discussion, Azanza invited the guests to try their salad meals and beverages.

Para’Kito, an all-natural mosquito protection from France, was introduced to the guests by Azanza. He explained how the device works in helping keep the mosquitos away. He also explained the materials used in creating the device to make it more efficient and convenient to carry around especially for people who enjoy outdoor activities. 

One of the major speakers during the event was Lifefactory ambassador, Bianca Araneta- Elizalde, who shared her story on growing up in a healthy environment thus being able to practice and exhibit a healthy lifestyle. She explained how we are currently living in a time where we unknowingly absorb toxins every single day with the products that we use. She emphasized that this is something to be taken into action because, as a mother, she is obliged to make sure that her kids grow healthy in a safe environment. She also explained how Lifefactory takes care of that issue by describing the materials of the product and how it helps her advocacy of living a healthy lifestyle. Alongside with Lifefactory, she inevitably felt the need to talk more about Para’Kito because this mosquito repellant brand backs up her campaign to living safe and healthy. She talked about how dengue is rampant in our country and how we should really be prepared in battling this epidemic with safe and fun/fashionable tools.

The event ended with a raffle facilitated by Azanza. The team raffled off five (5) Juju Eats GCs, three (3) one day Juju Cleanse GCs, two (2) sets of Kick-Start coffee pack, five (5) Para’Kito wristbands, and one (1) Lifefactory 22oz adult bottle.

Lifefactory Ambassador Bianca Araneta-Elizalde
Mike Asuncion, Bianca Araneta-Elizalde and David Azanza
Noelle Hilario and Theresa Leung of LDL with Bianca Araneta-Elizalde