Setting Intentions For The New Year

Just like that another year has passed. We’ve hit a clean slate, it’s finally time for fresh, new beginnings. And as tradition dictates, you probably have written a slew of resolutions for the coming year, which more often than not, tends to lose momentum and fade as the months go by. But before jotting down those New Year’s resolutions, consider creating meaningful intentions instead. Intentions set the mind to what you truly want to cultivate in your life. By connecting with the heart, you create higher, long-term visions for yourself.

Creating intentions is simple, yet can be powerful. Here are some tips on coming up with your New Year’s intentions:

  • Find a nice, quiet spot where you can begin with your intention setting without being disturbed. You can lay a yoga mat with a soft rug or towel and a bolster pillow.
  • Clear the space by smudging sage or palo santo. You can even leave some of your favorite crystals around draw in more positive energy.
  • Meditate to clear your mind. Tap into your inner being, focusing on the heart. Try to feel the heart energy and listen to what it is telling you. You can meditate on a seated position or lying down. Find a position that would suit you best. We like meditating with crystal bowls, sound bath. This YouTube channel is a good source for sound healing music you can meditate on.
  • Now you can start with setting intentions. Reflect on what brings you joy and happiness. What drives you everyday and what gives your purpose? Make a list to get it all clear.
  • Gratitude is a fundamental element when creating intentions. What are you grateful for in life and what do you wish to continue to manifest? Being grateful is truly a magnet for miracles! Simply by being thankful for what you have in the present moment can create more abundance and blessings to what you are intending for in life.

Once you have all intentions set, let it all go! You have already planted the seeds, trust the universe in its process, allow things to happen and unfold. Notice opportunities, signs and take inspired action towards your purposeful life.

December 11, 2018