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Top 5 Instagram Accounts To Follow For Healthy Eating

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  • flow
  • Sep 10, 2016

Get ready for serious food porn. These radiant foodies prove that healthy eating and a plant-based lifestyle is not just all about bitter greens and flavorless dishes. Level up your recipes and take inspiration from these Instagram accounts for wholesome, delicious meal and snack ideas! @bysaber NYC-based, Lina Saber whips up vibrant layered smoothies, smoothie bowls topped…

Coconut Chia Drink

Here’s something refreshing and healthy to drink. It’s really easy to make, too! I highly recommend it to nursing mothers and those who exercise a lot because we lose water and essential minerals whenever we sweat. The main ingredient of this drink is coconuts, rich in vitamins, nutrients and electrolytes. Time to make the Coco…