I had left for Flow weekend with an open mind and an open heart. 3 days later, I had gone home, not only with jellyfish stings, fire poi burns, bruises on my knees and sore latissimus dorsi, but a…lso with a re-energized body, a refreshed soul and more importantly, a very, very happy heart. Here’s to the beautiful friendships that were made, the ones that were strengthened and those special ones that will continue to grow. Thank you, Flow folks. I will take happy memories of the weekend with me wherever I go. 🙂 Flow is L O V E .!

Aisa Locsin Winternitz

The Negros Flow weekend was exactly what I was looking for. An active yet peaceful time away from the city and back with nature. I was pleasantly surprised about the turnout from Manila and was very glad with the participants. Everyone had a good vibe which made the weekend all the more enjoyable. Well worth the time out everyone needs every now and then. Thank you Flow retreats for a great weekend!

Nancio Gaston

I strongly encourage you to join in the next Flow retreat! You will leave feeling refreshed, inspired, energized and connected to a new group of friends. I know I did!

Marnie Hurst

One of the big draws for me, aside from the traveling was that Monica, Noelle and Denise of FLOW had everything arranged. My yoga teacher training friend Adi had moved to Indonesia a year ago and would be our resident tour guide. It was a definite pull for me—being able to rest easy, knowing that we’d be scoring the best deals, having just the right mix of culture + food + partying, and getting the most out of the Bali and Lombok experience. It’s always fun to create your own off-the-beaten-track agenda, but I wanted to enjoy the sights without having to worry about searching for a good hotel or a restaurant that wouldn’t rip me off. Because I was on my third retreat with the FLOW girls, I knew I was in good hands!

Chinggay Labrador
What i have learned/am learning from my 1st FLOW SurfYogaSamba retreat:
– Surfing is easier than wakeboarding
– Always always follow your passion, no matter how crazy it is.
No one else knows its priceless value other than you.
– There is a whole different world than the world you are used to.
Dont be afraid to explore it.
– Breakthroughs (miracles) happen just when you are about to give up.
– Green smoothies can be delicious! Lol
– Don’t fret if your moment has not come. That person whom you
might think is lucky may even have a worse story than yours.
– Surround yourself with people who fuel your soul.

Gina Tabangay