Top 5 Instagram Accounts To Follow For Healthy Eating

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  • Sep 10, 2016

Get ready for serious food porn. These radiant foodies prove that healthy eating and a plant-based lifestyle is not just all about bitter greens and flavorless dishes. Level up your recipes and take inspiration from these Instagram accounts for wholesome, delicious meal and snack ideas!



NYC-based, Lina Saber whips up vibrant layered smoothies, smoothie bowls topped with fresh, chunky fruits and dairy-free ice cream. Plus we love how she creatively arranges her food against lush tropical backdrop.



Healthy eating comes with a healthy mindset. This gorgeous momma combines nutrient-packed food and mouth-watering, plant-based desserts with travel and inspirational quotes that will surely get you motivated. Download the Hippie Lane app to view her recipes.



Dietitan student and lifestyle blogger, Ellie Bullen, proves that you can stay healthy while on the road. Her gorgeous platters and spreads will make you want to plan a picnic at the beach right this minute. Check out her recipe book at for more fun, healthful snack plans.



Buddha bowls, veggie rolls, cashew cheese and a plethora of desserts by Swedish raw vegan chef, Erika Frost. A quick browse through her feed of conscious food could already make you feel so nourished and nurtured from the inside.



All things sweet and delicious minus the processed junk. Think blueberries, cherries, raspberries and lots of chocolate! Marie’s rustic snapshots of her decadent yet guilt-free creations are just too indulgent.

September 15, 2016