Finally, A Home Delivery Food Service That Doesn’t Suck

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  • Apr 11, 2016
gulab jamun manila

green dot vegetarian delivery

Having without any household helper for more than a week now is really challenging my domestic, life and ultimately, survival skills. Two young children hungry for food every few hours makes the inexperienced cook in me very nervous so I desperately looked for a decent home food delivery service in Metro Manila. And we know that’s pretty hard, right? I mean, when did we ever get a decent (healthy…or even good tasting?) meal delivered on our door step. The usual suspects are either junk fast food or extremely late third party delivery service companies (no, I am not naming names but you know who they are!)

To my delight, I came across Green Dot Catering which is a Vegetarian Catering Service company that delivers! Plus ten cookie points! When I sampled all of their best-sellers, I died and went to heaven. Really. Salvation poured down on me. The quality of food is similar to a doting Indian mother in her own home. I recall our Indian feasts in Denise Bernardo’s lola’s home while we were in college. It’s that good.

Order their Samosas, Palak Panner with Butter Naan, Vegetable Biryani Rice and of course, who can resist the sweet and yummy Gulab Jamun?! Thank me later xx

Monica Eleazar-Manzano is a yoga teacher, co-founder of Flow Retreats, a foodie, a Waldorf Education advocate, Mindful Motherhood blogger and kids travel blogger.