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  • May 4, 2014

At Flow, we consider our fave season–summer to be celebrated all year long. Our picks for summer are perennially perfect for our beloved country, the Philippines, with countless islands to choose from for your next destination getaway! 

1. Lagu Beach Blanket – This nifty beach item is a must for every trip. Not only is it eco-friendly, it saves the sand and you from the hassle bringing home any of it, it also doubles as an emergency mat or blanket for picnics or lounging at the park. It’s light weight too!

2. Hurraw! Coconut Lipbalm – Even lips need protection and get them covered with this organic and raw Lipbalm from Hurraw! Made with real ingredients, the coconut infused balm will make you wish you were on an island at this moment.

3. Real Tan – Organic is the way to go especially with the food that we eat and the products that we use on our skin, which happens to be the largest organ of our bodies! This tanning oil really works without any nasty chemicals.
4. Dharma Awake Face Mist – Refresh with this all natural face mist. Spritz on face on a hot summer day or before and after a flight to hydrate your skin.

5. Staystix – Staystix allows you to make the most of your beach trips. Now, you can better enjoy your time at the beach without the hassle of getting your sarong blown by the wind while spreading it out โ€“ or more bothersome, getting sand all over your sarong even before laying on it.

6. Raw Elements SPF 30 sunscreen lotion, SPF 30 Eco Stick and SPF 30 Eco Tint – For sun lovers like us, our suns rays can get really harsh on our skin so we choose to lather up with all natural sunscreen like Raw Elements to ensure that we get full protection without compromising our skin’s health.

To order, email us at flowsurfyogasamba@gmail.com. 

May 4, 2014