Inner Dance is FLOW

Why do we believe in the Inner Dance process as FLOW? 
Watch spiritual genius, Pi Villaraza’s videos:
 “The Flow-er of Life”

“Sleep That Awakens”

What is the Inner Dance and its relevance for the world today?

Within us is a movement that comes about spontaneously. It is an

inner-directed movement, seemingly when we begin to speak, move and
think from within us rather than letting our motions be directed by
external expectations.
The experience of allowing energies to flow from our essence is
immense. It brings forth a heightened awareness as well as an
expansion of our perception of the universe as it is – as vibratory
manifestations of our primary belief systems.
This Saturday in FLOW IN THE CITY, I Go Beyond Yoga hosts deepening inner
dance process for those who especially wish to experience personal
transformation even as the earth undergoes the vast energy shifts we
are experiencing now. There will be an initial talk and screenings of
some clips on process that might give yogis and energy practitioners a
deeper idea of the transformation that takes place when one
understands what it means to flow from one’s birth purpose.
An introductory talk will be given by Pi Villaraza on how inner dance
process acts as a powerful transformation journey around Asia in
integrating raw food, ecology, conscious community, energywork and
working with expanded conscious states.

Catch Pi Villaraza speak in FLOW IN THE CITY on Saturday 6pm at Beyond Yoga, Il Terrazzo Tomas Morato, QC. We  highly recommend this opportunity for all yoga teachers and practitioners. Awaken the ascension process and just go with the FLOW.
To register, please sign up here
See you all there!
July 28, 2012
August 5, 2012