Healthy Options Launches Organic Produce!

Healthy Options now offers local organic vegetables and meat farmed in their 5-hectare organic farm nestled at the foot of the scenic Mt. Banahaw. 
‘Good food grown the good way’ hits Healthy Options stores this 2013, as the leading natural products brand will now offer organic vegetables, herbs, pork, chicken, and eggs sourced from local farmers.

Healthy Options organic pigs live
comfortably, in a stress-free environment that lets them exhibit natural
instincts like rooting or scratching. They are raised without antibiotics or
growth hormones.

Healthy Options organic
vegetables and herbs are naturally grown, freshly hand-picked, and are free
from chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Healthy Options
organic chickens are allowed to roam free, and are fed on an all-natural diet
of wholesome grains, grass, and organic vegetables

Healthy Options organic eggs are freshly laid
every day and are big in size, nutrition and flavor

Aside from offering superior meat and vegetable
produce, Healthy Options is also proud to advocate farming that does not
produce excessive waste or pollution, and results in a healthier ecosystem.
“We will deliver products that have the Healthy
Options guarantee of freshness and quality, just as we have been doing for more
than a decade,” promises Mr. Sia.

February 7, 2013