This Fitness Gym Helps You Achieve A Stronger Version of Yourself


Last March 26, we visited Pinnacle Performance, a state-of- the-art fitness center and gym located in the heart of Makati. Pinnacle Performance isn’t an ordinary gym, though it has all the accouterments of one, with a complete gym equipment set up and trainers to lead you through your workouts. What makes Pinnacle different from other gyms is the profile and testing service—that means they give you a comprehensive measure of your athletic ability and fitness.

The ranking system (called Pinnacle Global Rating, or PGR for short) allows you to become fully aware of your bodies strengths and weaknesses through measurable data, and this data allows them to custom-create a workout plan for you to meet your specific goals—and we’re talking way more specific than a weight goal. You want to run a marathon? They can measure your endurance levels and specific muscles needed for this marathon, taking into consideration your metabolism and body composition, and come up with a plan for you to finish that marathon within your given time frame.

The PGR also allows you to rate yourself against global athletes in your field, making it ideal for amateur and professional athletes. Yes, that means you can actually rate your performance as a pro-footballer with someone in Hong Kong or Kuala Lumpur. Don’t get us wrong—while it’s great for athletes, this technology is also really amazing for recreational fitness enthusiasts who are always competing to be the best version of themselves.

pinnacle performace

Partnered with the Pinnacle Performance fitness center is the ProHealth Physiotherapy Center, which shares the same floor in the same building. Focusing on back and neck treatment, spinal rehabilitation, and occupational and sports physiotherapy, ProHealth offers personalized healthcare programs for people of all ages and backgrounds. Though anyone seeking Physiotherapy can visit ProHealth, members of Pinnacle Performance will have easy access to highly-trained and well-trusted medical professionals that they can rely on for injury recovery and prevention, and the like.

And if you are just curious about the PGR, walk-ins can try the 10-test evaluation process for a fee of PHP499. Members, of course, get the evaluation for free.

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