Wabi Sabi Noodle House

Wabi Sabi Noodle House finally made its way to the north! This Asian vegetarian hole in a wall restaurant just opened another branch located in Quezon City and we at Flow are quite delighted about this news! 
The Flow Team are big fans of Japanese cuisine and being vegetarians and healthy eaters, it could be a bit frustrating at times when you’re craving for ramen or gyoza but just couldn’t have it since they’re often cooked with meat. Thank goodness Wabi Sabi offers options for meatless Japanese and Southeast Asian dishes that are still savory and flavorful!
During one of our weekly meetings at the newly opened branch in QC, we had a feast of Okonomigyoza and Classic Pot Stickers (dumplings!), Tantanmen Ramen, Tom Yum, Shoyu Ramen, Thai Milk Tea and Lemongrass Iced Tea – delicious, filling and definitely satisfying! And one of the best things about this place is that it’s very affordable!
Wabi Sabi Noodle House
POS Building, Scout Madrinan St. South Triangle QC